Smart Pack

Vision and Values

We strongly believe in a human contract and work with integrity and honesty…

Mission & Purpose

We take daily actions towards perfection, to build better relationships with our customers…


Stable relationships are the core of business in the industry where we operate. Every time, we try to bring solutions…

Environmental impact

We are committed to keeping the environment clean and we believe this will further enable us….

• Constantly satisfied customers
• Build a reputation
• Understand the needs and expectations of the client
• Better communication with customers
• Increase customer satisfaction through continuous improvements in quality and accuracy.

• Deliver every product on time
• Improving the rules of health, safety and environmental protection
• Improve productivity
• Establish documented procedures within the company
• Develop our skills and competencies.

Approach to business

Smart Pack was born keeping in mind the nature and specifications of the sector in which it operates. A company in which basically it needs to perform two activities at the same time to be successful, which are:

  • Customer Relationship

  • Carry out every request in a professional manner


Street Vath Turja, Building 72/12-S3,