Smart Pack

About Us

Smart Pack

Smart Pack is a company established in 2019, in a non-consolidated market in terms of plastic packaging.

This made us more confident from the beginning about our investment, being the only one in the country that manages to cover all the needs of the market in terms of plastic packaging as the market was mainly supplied by imports.

How we started

Smart Pack started the journey with the vision of being the company leading in terms of products that we offer.

Our goal is being as close as possible to the requirements of customers in order to offer quality and correctness each time.


We were established as a company not only with economic benefit purposes but also to be able to bring the best products and services as close as possible to the quality/price ratio.

Integrity, responsibility, long-term view always have been and always will be our models and behaviors. We realize the customized products.

Our staff is qualified to give you the most satisfying consulting and solution with high efficiency and reduced costs.

Research and Development

Smartpack’s search activity aims to:


1. Improve technology by bringing innovation in the field were we operate

2. Innovations and Development of our products to always be your choice of packaging.

3. Better results with both economic and ecologic benefits

4. Improve mechanical properties

5. The reduction of film thicknesses



17 years of experience in European markets, brought by Smart Pack in Albania and the cooperation with the most serious companies in Europe in terms of the use of stretch film & blow films making it possible to bring a new technology and a new vision in terms of packaging.

Vision and Values

Our company firmly believes in human relationships and works with integrity and honesty. This trust will take us to the top of the industry building long-term projects and offer quality and customized products on demand.


Base values:

  • Focus on customer needs
  • Offer personalized solutions
  • Quality and stable service
  • Eco-friendly
  • Integrity, honesty and trustworthy
  • Ethical and high standards
  • Qualified staff
  • Team working

Our mission and goals

We take daily actions towards perfection, to build better relationships with our customers and to implement better business practice.


  • Constantly satisfied customers
  • Building a reputation
  • Understand customers needs and expectations.
  • Building effective communication
  • Increase customer satisfaction through continuous improvements in quality and accuracy.


  • On-Time delivery
  • Improving the rules of health, safety and environmental protection
  • Increasing productivity
  • Establish documented procedures within the company
  • Develop our skills and competencies



Sustainable relationships are the aim of business in the sector in which we

operate. At all times, we strive to offer solutions that satisfy the needs and

goals of our customers. Also, we pay constant and individual attention to each client.

Environmental impact:

We are committed in to keeping the environment clean and believe that this will

further enable us to operate in a disciplined and sustainable manner over the

long term. In Albania, the concept of environmental protection is something

new, however we have started with small steps towards a long-term plan.

Geographical traces:

Smart pack is located in Street Vath Turja, Building 72/12-S3, Spitallë-Durrës  

Quality from start:

We offer nothing more than quality work. We love our job and we do it with the best dedication. Every order we execute goes through different stages of evaluation and supervision, and we have in-depth knowledge starting from the raw materials to the smallest details regarding the production of these products. Each of our employees take personal pride in every completed order, striving to always exceed customer expectations. 

Our staff is especially capable of quickly perceiving the order, developing it efficiently in order to offer our customers the best products. Ours is a company that uses the experiences gained from several years of experience in Europe to provide quality to customers.


Street Vath Turja, Building 72/12-S3,